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Green Quid
GREEN QUID - Free tools that allow every day users to earn and save money online
GREEN QUID - Cashback profits for climate action, with at least 25% financing tree-planting projects

About Green Quid

Green Quid is a one stop shop platform that offers individuals the opportunity to earn and save money online. With a wide range of free tools, including Jobs Scout, Quid Store, Cirtopia, Shareful, cashback and voucher codes, cashback prizes, Offers, and crowds JAR, Green Quid empowers individuals to maximize their income potential and save for the future. As a socially responsible platform, we dedicate at least 25% of our cashback profits to tree-planting projects worldwide. Users can withdraw their earnings in cash (Paypal or Bank Transfer), cryptocurrency, gift cards, or simply as a giftlex. Join Green Quid today and start earning and saving with purpose.

What's this app?

This app is a Progressive Web App (or simply PWA). Install it on any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer — it uses very little storage space and requires no updates. By design, a PWA cannot access your device data or personal information.


Install Green Quid in a few seconds — directly from your browser. This app is available on Android (with Chrome), on iOS (with Safari), on Windows (with Chrome or Edge) and macOS (with Chrome). Simply click on the Install button at the top of the page.