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Tauranga City Access Map
Tauranga City Accessibility Map - Explore your city!
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About Tauranga City Access Map

Tauranga City's Accessibility Map is a FREE tool for residents and visitors to Western Bay of Plenty. Are you keen to stay updated on accessible venues, events and experiences in our beautiful city? Set your accessibility filters, check out photos and get the access information you need before you set out. Install the app on your phone, tablet or computer to have it on hand at any time. Get Tauranga City's free Accessibility Map to explore, relax and connect in some of New Zealand's best-loved locations.

What's this app?

This app is a Progressive Web App (or simply PWA). Install it on any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer — it uses very little storage space and requires no updates. By design, a PWA cannot access your device data or personal information.


Install Tauranga City Access Map in a few seconds — directly from your browser. This app is available on Android (with Chrome), on iOS (with Safari), on Windows (with Chrome or Edge) and macOS (with Chrome). Simply click on the Install button at the top of the page.