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Telechurch Live
🖱️ Sign In - Use your favorite method. Email, Google or facebook
🌱 Enrich your Life - You can connect, learn, and grow
🙏 Join a group - and go live with us
💬 Participate - You are able to speak, listen while we are live
💯 Earn Points - When you are present, participating and providing
➕ Send and receive a blessing - Just tap once, and you can send an encouraging note.
🕊️ Start your own group - Its easy as a tap of a button to begin your journey of leadership

About Telechurch Live

The Telechurch app is a fully integrated online church designed to enhance the traditional way of going to church by allowing people to have access to various churches, sermons, prayer, live counseling, and everything else that‘s done in a traditional church all through the app.

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What's this app?

This app is a Progressive Web App (or simply PWA). Install it on any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer — it uses very little storage space and requires no updates. By design, a PWA cannot access your device data or personal information.


Install Telechurch Live in a few seconds — directly from your browser. This app is available on Android (with Chrome or Samsung Internet), on Windows and macOS (with Chrome or Edge), and on iOS with Safari. Simply click on the Install button at the top of the page.